photo (3)brainHello. I’m a Student Nurse currently studying in the UK. This blog does not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the NHS, they are my ponderings throughout my journey. I love nursing and the roller coaster ride it provides, so don’t take anything I say too seriously. I patch up patients during the day and let off steam with a cold beverage and a run on a rugby pitch in my spare time.  Follow me on Twitter (stnnursealert) if you want to read my drivel in succinct form, you will often be referred back to here as I like to boost my ego through stat views. If you like a post, hit the like button, and if you really really like me then follow me so you can receive endless updates about my life. Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there! I hope you don’t mind me commenting – I work for Wiley Nursing, and I love your blog! We have a new series of books for student nurses, and we’re looking for people to review them. Would you be interested? Drop me an email if so! Happy holidays to you 🙂

  2. Hi Alice,
    My name is Allie Wilson and I’m an English RN, living in Sydney with my Aussie hubby.
    The reason I’m contacting you is that I’m also the editor of Wellbeing for Nurses magazine – it’s an emag on Apple Newsstand and Google PLAY store (Feel free to hop over to wellbeingfornurses.com or my facebook page facebook.com/whatiwishiknewaboutnursing for a sneaky check out ;).
    I’d doing this months issue on compassion, and I’d love to include your blog called ‘Small Steps’ if you’d be okay with it. (I have a regular monthly feature called ‘Learning from Students as I love promoting the idea that we all need to learn from our wonderful new nurses)
    As it’s an interactive magazine, I can include a link to your blog and say your piece was first published there. Happy to put a photo in too if you’re keen.
    Anyhoo, let me know as soon as you can as the issue comes out soon. All the very best, and keep up the great writing.
    All the best

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